The 2016 National Food Safety Standards on Maximum Residue Limits (MRLs) for Pesticides in Foods was promulgated in late Dec. 2016.
The new standard system specifies 4140 MRLs for 433 pesticides in 13 categories of agricultural products, an increase of 490 limits compared with the 2014 version, covering almost all kinds of commonly-used pesticides and major agricultural products. 
The new MRLs system highlights the following contents:
(1) Setting 184 MRLs for 24 banned or restricted pesticides, including Fenamiphos;
(2) Exempting MRLs for 33 pesticides posing no dietary risks in line with international practices; and  
(3) Recommending testing techniques for MRLs included in this version and providing national standards on 106 MRLs testing techniques. 
China aims to develop 6,000 new residue limits mostly for vegetables, fruit and farm products during the 2016-2020 period, while gradually implementing limits on imported food. Latest data showed no increase in the use of pesticides this year thanks to wider adoption of biological control.