Chinese Ministry of Agriculture will soon promulgate the industry standard for agricultural microbial concentrate. In the meantime, proceeding of research and product registration of soil remediation microbial agent is in full progress. 
The agricultural microbial concentrate standard divides microbial concentrate into 2 categories, which are liquid state and solid state agent with following main technical specifications: 1) living bacteria count (cfu) shall be no less than 200 billion/g (ml); 2) mixed bacteria rate shall be no more than 1%; 3) water content of solid state product shall be no more than 8%; 4) pH shall be 4.5~8.5; 5) the shelf life of liquid state product shall be no less than 6 months and that of solid state product shall be no less than 12 months.
The promulgation of the agricultural microbial concentrate standard indicates availability of industry standard governing agricultural microbial concentrate products. The standard is a highly targeted standard, which will ensure the quality of product and will also provide standardized detection and testing method. This will be of help to promotion and application of product of the kind.
Soil remediation is presently a focus of public attention. Chinese Ministry of Agriculture is currently fully promoting the research, evaluation and proceeding of product registration of soil remediation agent. Product registration is one of the key aspect to be dealt with. Due to the absence of industry standard as applicable to soil remediation agent, the manufacturers of soil remediation products need to first establish their corporate standard, which is subjected to expert evaluation, and can then be registered. In addition, soil remediation agent is required to determine clearly its object of remediation while experimental treatment will be designed in a scientific approach. Moreover, an objective efficacy evaluation needs to be conducted. In view of the fact that soil remediation takes long, its experimental period should be extended up to above 2 years.